About Micah Moreno

God will use even that...

YOUR LIFE IS NOT OVER began after stepping into a season of failures being redeemed for greater purposes in my life. 

I have walked through many challenges as well as many successes. 

The focus of the podcast and anything I produce is to learn from my own and others experiences who have faced moments in life where they felt like "MY LIFE IS OVER" (#mylo) That's why I am here and perhaps we should be in conversation.

Your Life is Not Over! (#ylno)

As a pastor, your story is part of my story as we both seek to extend the knowledge and belief in God’s wisdom, way, and will. I’d ask you to subscribe to be up to date when a new episode drops.  My hope is that through the conversations, posts, and guests I have on, we see crowns of compassion and love fall heavily into your life as well and that starts by linking up on this journey.

Keep looking up



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